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Lightspeed Email Manager 

Archive and report on communications, while blocking spam

Control spam and enforce Acceptable Use Policies on email, while meeting compliance requirements for storage of emails and instant messages

Lightspeed Email Manager helps you ensure that your Acceptable Use Policies on email usage are being enforced without hindering staff’s ability to work and communicate. Email Manager lets you monitor, regulate, report on, and archive all messaging communications.

  • More than 14 lines of defense to block spam—before it reaches your mail server
  • Comprehensive unalterable email archiving and indexing
  • Email content filtering to block inappropriate content and email viruses
  • Message file size limiting capabilities for bandwidth management
  • Available as a standalone product or a component of Total Traffic Control.

    "Your product is doing a great job for us, we are blocking nearly 90% of incoming mail as legitimate SPAM."

    Todd R. Curry, TechnologyCoordinator, North Humboldt Union High School

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    Your users rely on email for efficient communication and increasingly for shared knowledge. But email abuse can degrade network performance, leave your system vulnerable to threats, and expose users to time-wasting and offensive content. Lightspeed Email Manager makes it easy for you to manage email usage, meet regulations, and control spam.

    Helps you meet compliance requirements. With Email Manager, every email and instant message is securely archived, helping your compliance with rules for e-discovery and mesage auditing.

    Increases user productivity with powerful spam blocking. Email Manager blocks time- and resource-draining spam. Actionable daily mail summaries sent to end users take the burden of spam management off of IT and gives control to end users.

    Reduces exposure to harmful or offensive content. Email content filtering, spam blocking, and virus detection all help ensure that email communication doesn’t expose your users to offensive content, and you to potential legal liabilities.

    Frees up essential bandwidth. Email Manager allows you to apply limitations to message file size by user, group, time of day, and more to ensure that your network keeps running smoothly.



    Lightspeed Email Manager provides powerful, easy-to-use features for managing and archiving communications.

    • Comprehensive capturing and indexing of message attachments as well as full message details.
    • Time-stamped and unalterable file integrity for the archived data.
    • Archival of inbound and/or outbound SMTP traffic, AOL Instant Messaging (AIM) and MSN Messenger, and attachments (including documents, programs, and multimedia files).
    • Message file storage with indexing parameters for: From, To, Subject, Date, Keywords, and Body Text.
    • Flexible configuration of data redundancy rules of archived email (backup servers).
    • Fourteen proven lines of defense for blocking spam, including application of your content rules, allow and block lists, adult subject-line scanning, Bayesian statistical analysis, and more.


    Email Manager gives you access to comprehensive information about who is using your email system for what, so you can adjust Acceptable Use Policies, change allowed usages, review problems, troubleshoot issues and plan for ongoing needs. You can see a high-level overview of email and messaging usage, and then drill down for detailed information, with reports like:

    • Top Email Senders/Receivers
    • Instant Messaging
    • Mail Traffic Overview Chart
    • Spam Mail
    • Virus Mail
    • Suspicious Instant Messages

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