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Lightspeed Total Traffic Control

Secure, control and monitor your network with a single comprehensive and cost-effective solution

Total Traffic Control (TTC) is the complete solution for securing your network and protecting users while reducing costs and simplifying administration. This comprehensive solution provides the ability to secure both your gateway and your PCs, control user activity both on the internet and on PCs, and also reduce both bandwidth usage on Internet links and power usage on desktops.

TTC offers a complete network security solution suitable for any organisation that would replace a number of existing seperate solutions such as Anti Virus, Anti Spam, Content Filtering and Firewall.

TTC suite includes: Lightspeed Web Access Manager, Lightspeed Network Traffic Manager, Lightspeed Email Manager, Lightspeed Security Manager & Lightspeed Power Manager  

Total Traffic Control is based on a simple idea, a product that allows you to:

  • See in detail what is happening on your network
  • Set controls to ensure users are safe and IT resources are used efficiently
  • Secure your network and PCs from threats coming from outside and inside your network

Total Traffic Control provides the following benefits:

  • Simplifies administration while allowing more control
  • Reduces maintenance costs while improving security
  • Saves energy and bandwidth while increasing performance
  • Provides detailed information about user activity and IT resources

"Over the years, we have transitioned away from utilizing multiple products to manage our e-mail filtering, web filtering, bandwidth management and antivirus to a single product with a single point of management. The product we have transitioned to is Total Traffic Control v6 from Lightspeed Systems."

Jonathan Foth, Network Systems Engineer, Bakersfield City School

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Your network is the heart of your organisation. Think about what would happen if you lost all email, all internet access, all desktops...or even all three! Keeping your network secure, controlling how it is used and monitoring user activity usually requires many different products and lots of hard work. You somehow have to implement a coherent strategy using different products from different vendors with different upgrade cycles and different support teams. It’s no wonder so many networks have issues with security and acceptable use policies. Total Traffic control brings the following benefits.

Comprehensive security means you can present a unified defence against hackers, threats and unacceptable use of IT resources. You can stop worrying about “plugging the gaps” between a patchwork of different products.

Comprehensive control means you say how your email, network, PCs and the internet are used. Control everything from a single console with unified policies that save time while giving you more granular control. Some control can even be devolved throughout the organisation so valuable IT resources are not wasted performing some of the minutia of daily tasks.

Comprehensive monitoring means you will always know who is doing what and when on your network. You can see and stop dangerous or unwanted user activity before it becomes an issue that affects your network or organisation. IT staff do not have to “police” policies as relevant information can automatically be made available to the appropriate people throughout the organisation.

Comprehensive savings means administration overheads are reduced compared to using various individual products. You can also save on training, support and upgrades. Bandwidth costs can be controlled and annual savings on PC electricity usage in some cases can even offset the cost of Total Traffic Control. 


Total Traffic Control provides powerful, easy-to-use features to monitor, control and secure your network and users

  • Secure PCs against viruses, spyware and other malicious threats including zero hour protection
  • Secure emails from spam, phishing, viruses and other unwanted content
  • Secure users online from accessing or downloading dangerous content
  • Secure against P2P and anonymous proxies with advanced detection and protection
  • Secure gateway with a Stateful Packet Inspection firewall
  • Control applications on PCs with our unique category based control
  • Control removable media including U3 memory sticks
  • Control internet access by user/group/ou and even time of day with over 120 categories
  • Control YouTube, Bing, Google Images and other web apps with direct integration
  • Control bandwidth with powerful Class Based Queuing as well as priorities and limits
  • Control PC power usage with flexible policies to help you reduce carbon footprint and costs
  • Monitor user internet activity including websites, downloads, uploads, search queries and IM
  • Monitor user email activity including email sizes, volumes, and suspicious content
  • Monitor PC activity including applications used, removable media, registry changes and event logs


Total Traffic Control gives you access to comprehensive information about who, when, where, and how your network is being utilized, so you can adjust Acceptable Use Policies, change allowed usages, review problems, troubleshoot issues and plan for ongoing needs. You can see high-level overviews, and then drill down for detailed information, with reports like:

  • Busiest Protocols
  • Top Network Users
  • Blocked Content
  • Search Engine Queries
  • Mail Traffic Chart
  • Traffic by Category
  • Computers: Hardware
  • Computers: System Information
  • Computers: Software Inventory
  • Instant Messaging

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An overview of the Total Traffic Control product and how it offers complete network and security control.  

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Total Traffic Control Datasheet Adobe PDF

An overview of the Total Traffic Control product and how it protects education environments. 

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