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AVG Anti-Virus Business Edition 2011

Exceptional protection for your small or medium-sized business

Your business relies on the smooth running of your computers and networks. AVG Anti-Virus 2011 Business Edition offers exceptional real-time protection against the latest online threats, keeping your critical business data safe, your computers and networks running smoothly, and enabling you to focus on your business.

  • Exceptional endpoint protection for your employees’ laptops and PCs
  • File server protection to prevent malware from spreading across your network
  • Automated security updates plus security monitoring and reporting
  • How AVG Internet Security Business Edition (ISBE) compares to AVG Anti-Virus Business Edition (AVBE):

  • File Server Protection - ISBE & AVBE
  • Workstation Protection (Laptops, PCs)- ISBE & AVBE
  • Workstation Anti-Spam (Laptops, PCs) - ISBE
  • Mail Server Protection - ISBE
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    Your business relies on the smooth running of your computers and networks. AVG Anti-Virus Business Edition offers exceptional real-time protection against the latest online threats, keeping your critical business data safe and computers and networks running smoothly, thereby enabling you to focus on your business.

    Incorporating award-winning, leading-edge antivirus, anti-spyware and dynamic data protection for workstations and file servers, AVG Anti-Virus Business Edition provides robust and rapid business security in one easy-to-use and easy-to-manage solution.

    Exceptional protection for your small or medium-sized business

    • Secure your business automatically against the latest and toughest Internet threats with AVG LinkScanner® - ENHANCED

      Shows safety ratings in search engine results and ensures web pages your staff visits are safe – before they land on them Learn more

      AVG LinkScanner’s® Surf and Search Shield are better than ever for 2011. Now your employees get ratings they can see in their search results – color coded to prevent accidental clicking on that dangerous link. Search-Shield works with Google, Yahoo!, Bing and other selected search providers most often used in a business environment.
      Surf-Shield actively checks web pages – in real time before anyone lands on them. If Surf-Shield detects something suspicious, it prevents the user from visiting the site. This protection occurs both when clicking a link to a web page and every time a web address is entered directly into the browser. Now with even better detection rates.

    • Protect your business’s identity and ensure safe online business transactions with AVG Data Protection

      Identifies and blocks software that is behaving suspiciously in order to protect your business identity and data Learn more

      AVG Data Protection goes way beyond typical identity theft protection solutions.Not only will we keep your business data safe from online threats - we’re also able to see when anything potentially bad might be happening on your company’s PCs, and stop it before it can do any damage.
      The more time you and your staff spend online, the more important it is to keep your sensitive business, personal and customer information safe from identity thieves. AVG Data Protection sits on top of your existing antivirus, shielding your passwords, credit card numbers, and other sensitive data from prying eyes.

    • Save valuable time with AVG’s Smart Scanning - NEW

      Scans while you’re away and runs in low-priority mode when you’re working. AVG 2011’s scans are faster too, saving your business time by using our unique Smart Scanning technology. Learn more

      AVG makes sure you and your employees can work without being interrupted. When you leave your laptop or PC, AVG starts scanning in high-priority mode. When you move your mouse or type any key on your keyboard, AVG switches to low-priority mode and uses minimal resources. Our scans are also faster because we don’t waste time scanning the trusted files we know are safe.

    • Promote your business safely on Social Networks with AVG Social Networking Protection™ - NEW and UNIQUE to AVG

      Real-time, automatic checking of links exchanged within Facebook and MySpace, keeping your business safe during the ever-increasing use of social networking. Learn more

      AVG Social Networking Protection™ is new for AVG 2011 and is offered by no other antivirus software. Links that are exchanged within Facebook and MySpace are automatically checked in real time so that your employees and your data stay safe while you benefit from social networks to promote your business.

    • Keep hackers out of your network with AVG Firewall - ENHANCED

      Smart intrusion detection capabilities keep hackers out and your wired and wireless networks secure Learn more

      AVG 2011 Firewall now includes smart intrusion detection capabilities to keep your networks – whether they are wired or wireless - even more secure. The key advantage to using the Firewall is that it is heavily integrated with the other components in the AVG suite, meaning that they work together and learn from each other, providing your business with the most complete protection. Whenever the Firewall detects an attempted connection, it consults a database of trusted applications. If the Firewall determines that the application is trusted, it will allow communication to take place – meaning your employees don’t get interrupted with pop-up questions. If the Firewall detects a threat, it automatically blocks all communications. This significantly reduces the chance of any information leaking from your network before the threat is quarantined. The Firewall Advisor will recommend the action you should take in case you choose not to use the trusted AVG database of applications.

    • Keep tough threats out of your business with AVG’s core layers of protection - ENHANCED

      AVG Protective cloud technology, Anti-Spyware and Smart Anti-Rootkit technology make sure your business can’t receive or unintentionally spread even the toughest threats. Learn more

      Antivirus technology works in real time to protect your business from falling victim to or unwittingly spreading a virus, worm, or Trojan. New detection and removal technologies within AVG Smart Anti-Rootkit mean you have the best protection against threats that attack the core of your business laptops and PCs. AVG Anti-Spyware protects your business from spyware and adware – the kind of malware that is often very difficult to remove; which is why we prevent it from getting to you in the first place.

    • Install and deploy simply and rapidly across your business network with Remote Administration Console - WITH NEW AND ENHANCED FEATURES FOR 2011

      Customizable and easy-to-use remote admin console puts you in control by enabling remote installation, deployment and management of your business network security no matter where your employees are located. Learn more


    AVG Anti-Virus Business Edition Feature List

    Protect your business, staff and customers from the latest online threats

    AVG Social Networking Protection (NEW and UNIQUE to AVG)

    Links exchanged within Facebook and MySpace are automatically checked in real time, protecting your business on social networks 

    AVG LinkScanner® Search-Shield (ENHANCED) 

    Shows safety ratings in search engine results, allowing you to assess the safety of a site before you go there. 

    AVG LinkScanner® Surf-Shield (ENHANCED) 

    Ensures every web page your staff visits is safe – before they land on them 

    AVG Identity Protection

    Identifies software that behaves strangely in order to protect your business identity 

    AVG Linkscanner® Superior Phishing protection 

    Checks to ensure web pages and emails are genuine 

    Communicate safely with customers, partners, suppliers

    AVG Email Scanner (ENHANCED) 

    Checks attachments and links in emails for threats so that they don’t arrive in your inbox and cause damage

    AVG Online Shield™ 

    Checks files before you download them and ensures online chat links are safe 

    Protect the critical data on your servers and maintain server efficiency 

    AVG File Server Protection 

    Robust protection for your file servers 

    Smarter, faster security that won’t slow your business down

    AVG Smart Scanning (NEW) 

    Works while you play and doesn’t waste time scanning files we know are safe

    AVG Firewall (ENHANCED) 

    Keeps hackers out and your wired and wireless networks secure

    AVG Anti-Virus, Resident Shield and Smart Anti-Rootkit (ENHANCED) 

    Protects your business from falling victim to or unwittingly spreading a virus, worm, or Trojan

    AVG Anti-Spyware 

    Protects your business from spyware and adware that keep track of your sensitive business data 

    AVG Protective Cloud Technology (NEW) 

    Uses multiple scanning engines and behavioral detection simultaneously to identify emerging and unknown threats 

    Silent Mode (NEW) 

    Enables administrators and users to switch off notifications on workstations 

    AVG Community Protection Network (NEW) 

    Latest threat information from around the world so that your business is up to date

    AVG Threat Labs (NEW) 

    Offers detailed insight behind threats lurking on websites that AVG prevents you from visiting

    Easy to install and manage solutions that save your business time 

    Deployment Cloning Technology 

    Ensures simple and rapid installation and configuration across your network

    PC Start-Up Manager (ENHANCED) 

    Allows you to easily turn off applications that are run during system startup

    System Tools (ENHANCED) 

    Tailor the way AVG works to protect your network

    Update Manager 

    Makes sure the business is automatically protected against the latest threats

    Auto Fix Button (NEW) 

    One click to resolve common issues on individual workstations

    Support and Assistance 

    Technical experts available 24/7 

    Rescue CD 

    Makes sure your network can be recovered from a serious existing infection 

    Customizable and easy-to-use remote admin console that puts you in control

    Active Directory Integration (ENHANCED) 

    Improved visibility and management of network for administrators

    Station Overview Window (NEW) 

    Window showing status overview of a specific station within the network

    HTML reports (ENHANCED) 

    Clearer, easier to use reports informing user about security status

    Graphic reports (ENHANCED) 

    Ability to create and customize graphic reports 

    Ability to preview and print test results (NEW) 

    Improved experience and flexibility for users

    Integrated remote installation in Admin Server and Console (ENHANCED) 

    Network Installer integrated within Admin Server and Console allowing user to install AVG remotely

    Disable protection button (Console and UI) (NEW) 

    Enables administrators to temporarily disable protection

    Customizable expiry dialogs (NEW) 

    Administrators can Switch Off or Define Text for workstation expiry dialogs

    Customizable AVG update timings (NEW) 

    Enables administrators to customize the timing of AVG updates

    AVG Admin Widget (NEW)

    Desktop widget providing administrators with an at-a-glance view of server workload and non-compliant workstations, plus link to console 

    Support & Services

    Support & Services

    On site installation, pre-sales and deployment consultancy services are provided by Software Dialog and available for all AVG products.

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    Further Information

    No hidden costs

    When you purchase an AVG product there are no hidden costs.Everything you need is included in the price for the full license duration: technical support, virus updates, and new program versions. All users of paid AVG products also qualify for generous discounts on subscription renewals and product upgrades.

    Flexible licensing

    AVG File Server Edition can be purchased online in multi-license packs for 2-200 connections. Contact us or your local reseller for larger installations. The number of licenses is determined by the total number of connections to the server. One or two-year subscriptions are available.

    Special pricing is available for educational, government, and non-profit institutions. Contact Software Dialog for more information. 

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