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Safend Protector

Robust Endpoint Information Leakage Prevention

Stops Information Leakage through Endpoints and Removable Media

Safend Protector is the industry's most comprehensive, secure and easy-to-use endpoint information leakage prevention solution - controlling every endpoint and every device, over every interface. Safend Protector monitors real-time traffic and applies customized, highly-granular security policies over all physical, wireless and storage interfaces, including:


Removable Storage Devices, External Hard Drives, CD/DVD Dives, Floppy Drives, Tape Drives

Physical Interfaces:

USB, FireWire, PCMCIA, Secure Digital (SD), Parallel, Serial, Modem

Wireless Interfaces:

WiFi, Bluetooth, Infra Red (irDA)

Product Datasheet

Safend Protector detects and allows restriction of devices by device type, model or even specific device serial number. For storage devices, Safend Protector allows security administrators to either block all storage devices completely, permit read-only, encrypt all data on devices as well as monitoring, blocking and logging files that are downloaded to or read from these devices. WiFi controls are based on MAC address, SSID, or network security level.

Security Policy - Flexible Strategy, Simple Implementation

Safend Protector creates forensic logs of all data moving in and out of the organization, allowing administrators to create policies that don't necessarily restrict device usage, but allow full visibility device activity and content traffic.

Through a built-in and flexible management console, Safend Protector allows administrators to create comprehensive and granular endpoint security policies.

With built-in alerting capability, administrators can get immediate notifications of any activity that needs immediate response. Alerts are available via email, SNMP, Syslog, Windows Event Viewer, popup messages and even custom scripts. 

Granular Control

Detect and restrict devices by device type, model or uniue serial number.

Intuitive Management

Easy, intuitive process to create and update policies 

Uncompromised Control with Tamper-Proof Agent

Safend Protector's lightweight and tamper-proof client-side agents are easily deployed, installed silently at the endpoint with no reboot required. The Protector agent operates at the kernel level, and includes redundant, multi-tiered anti-tampering features to guarantee permanent control over endpoints. Even local administrators can't circumvent security policy. In addition, agents are invisible to end-users until a non-approved device is connected, at which time a custom-defined notification appears.

Download a specification sheet in pdf format


Safend Protector Advantages

  • Granular control - detects and restricts data transfers by device type, device model or unique serial number.
  • Policy flexibility - separate policies can be defined for any domain, group, computer, or user; policies are easily associated with Active Directory or Novell organisational objects.
  • Data Awareness- inspects files for their type and controls the transfer of unauthorized file types to and from external storage devices
  • Data Protection - protects corporate data in motion by encrypting data on external storage devices and tracking offline use.
  • Intuitive management - seamlessly integrates into Active Directory or other network management software.
  • Tamper-proof - advanced policy enforcement via independent, kernel-level, real-time analysis of low-level port traffic. Client side agents are silently deployed; redundant multi-tiered anti-tampering prevents security policy circumvention.
  • Granular WiFi Control - by MAC address, SSID, or the security level of the network. Prevents hybrid network bridging by blocking WiFi, Bluetooth, Modems or IrDA while the PC is connected to the wired corporate LAN.
  • Anti Hardware Keylogger - blocks both USB and PS/2 hardware keyloggers, which can record every keystroke entered through an endpoint.
  • U3 and Autorun Control - turns U3 USB drives into regular USB drives while attached to organization endpoints, and protects against dangerous auto-launch programs by blocking autorun.

Support & Services

Support & Services

On site installation, pre-sales and deployment consultancy services are provided by Software Dialog and available for all Safend products.

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