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Safend Auditor

Extending Visibility to the Endpoint

Safend Auditor is a lightweight, intuitive, clientless software utility that illuminates enterprise endpoint blind spots - providing organisations with the visibility they need to identify and effectively manage endpoint vulnerabilities.

With Safend Auditor, administrators can differentiate between secure productivity enhancers, such as authentication tokens, and potential security threats, such as mass-storage MP3 players. Safend Auditor also tracks which WiFi networks employees are connecting to - secure encrypted networks or exposed public networks. Using data gathered by Safend Auditor, administrators can map out granular security policies that exactly meet their business needs.


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Rapid Scanning of All Network Endpoints
With no endpoint client installation required, Safend Auditor transparently and rapidly queries all organizational network endpoints, locating and documenting all devices that are or have been locally connected. Safend Auditor checks all USB, PCMCIA, Firewire, and WiFi ports - granularly identifying endpoint devices connected for each user, both currently and historically.

Easy to Understand Reports
The results of the Safend Auditor audit are viewable in HTML formal, or as an XML table that is easily exported to Excel or other applications for additional analysis and review. The report identifies devices by type, manufacturer, model, and serial number, and users according to their Active Directory definitions.

Comprehensive Coverage of all Local-Access interfaces
Auditor queries all endpoints in the organisation to find all USB, FireWire and PCMCIA devices that are or were ever locally connected.

Reliable and Precise Device Identification
Delivers detailed device information that can be tailored to meet specific corporate security policies.

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  • Simple and easy to use – administrators simply choose the group of computers to audit, and view the results immediately
  • Comprehensive coverage - identifies all USB, FireWire, PCMCIA devices and WiFi network connections 
  • Current and historical audits - reports all devices currently or previously connected to any endpoint 
  • Precise device identification - gathers detailed device information, allowing tailoring of security policies to exact vulnerabilities 
  • Clientless - runs without endpoint client  
  • Low resource consumption - audits take minutes and do not affect network performance 
  • Intuitive output - audit results presented in easy-to-read HTML or XML report, easily exportable to MS Excel
  • Seamless compatibility - fully compatible with existing network management or administrative tools such as Active Directory
  • Endpoint specific audits - easy auditing of selected endpoints, Active Directory groups, IP address ranges, or the entire enterprise

What's New in Safend Auditor

  • WiFi auditing  - Discovers to which WiFi networks each endpoint connected, along with all relevant parameters such as the access point MAC address, SSID, and authentication and encryption scheme
  • Enhanced reporting functionality  - Additional audit filters allow scanning network for specific device type or devices, resulting in significant time savings.

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Support & Services

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