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Panda Security for Enterprise

High-performance protection for corporate networks

Detects and eliminates unknown viruses, spyware, worms, etc. Protects your entire company's IT resources. Hassle-free centralized security management.

Panda Security for Enterprise is the most advanced proactive solution in a multi-tier, flexible architecture which includes advanced proactive and host-based intrusion prevention technologies, in-depth targeted attack audits, application management and network access control, adding messaging servers and endpoint anti-spam technologies.

Panda Security for Enterprise is a solution for large organisations. It offers complete protection for workstations, file servers, Exchange and Domino mail servers, SMTP mail gateways and perimeter servers. This is a high-performance, powerful solution that is easy-to use and adapts to your network topology.

"...Panda Security for Enterprise has what you would expect and more; it is very  easy to administer and it is highly effectiv, dong what it claims with panache, flexibility and ease..."

Network Computing

"The low price makes the Panda offering a great value...Once installed the administration was simple..." 

SC Magazine****

"...A huge program that offers everything you'll need to completely protect a large corporate network, yet delivers it through a straightforward management console..."

SC Magazine****


Product Datasheet

Protection against all types of threats for:

    - Workstations
    - File servers
    - MS Exchange and Lotus Domino
    - Linux SMTP gateways including Sendmail, Qmail and Postfix
    - Files in Linux servers , at command line level under Windows and Linux
    - Communication and firewall level protection

Preventive threat blocking

Blocks even the very latest worms, viruses, rootkits and other threats.

Straightforward centralized management

Single-point management through AdminSecure adapts to the needs of your infrastructure.


Resource-friendly solution ideal for networks with limited bandwidth.

Remote management

Centralized administration of all remote locations and branch offices connected via WAN or VPN. No communication bottlenecks.

Real-time information

Proactive report system with real-time detailed information.

Automatic updates

Hourly verification of automatic updates to optimize anti-malware protection.

Mobile user management

'Roaming' feature allows mobile users to update virus signature files.

Modular and scalable solution

You only need to buy what you need at any time. The solution can be extended at any time with additional modules.

Periodic audits

Periodic, online audits scan corporate networks for malware using signature files with more than 2 million malware identifiers.

Collective Intelligence

Collective intelligence leverages the information provided by the user community in real time, exponentially increasing the detection capacity with more than 2 million malware signatures.


No need for security outsourcing

Eliminates the need to outsource IT security.

Reduced operating costs

Reduces security man-hours and operating costs.

Protects business integrity

Protects corporate image, avoids fines for failure to comply with regulations, prevents industrial espionage, data theft, etc.

Improved productivity

Boosts administrator and end-user productivity.

Safeguards business information

Integrated protection of all your company's data.

Support for high performance platforms

Maximum advantage taken of hardware and software capabilities in high-performance platforms for scanning and disinfecting all file types.

Low TCO, fast ROI

Ensures low cost of ownership and a rapid return on investment.

Infection prevention

Maximizes communication security, preventing the spread of infections.


A scalable, modular solution

Panda Security for Enterprise is made up of a suite of complementary antimalware protections that can be purchased as a package or separately, depending on the needs of your company:

Support & Services


Please visit the Corporate FAQ page.


Technical Support Form

Use our technical support form to send us details of your issue for any Panda product.


Panda Technical Forum

Please visit the Panda Technical Forum to view and join in discussions about panda products and solutions.


Malware Control Centre

Virus Repairs

Repair the trail of damage left by viruses with Panda QuickRemover. You will be able to choose the virus that you need to remove from your computer and download the solution without charge.

Software Updates

Go to Panda's software updates page.  You will need to enter your Panda username and password, which are both case sensitive.  When you click through to the Download page, full instructions are provided for installation.

Virus Encyclopedia

The virus encyclopedia provides accurate and up-to-date information on all the terms and expressions you will come across when combatting the viruses which can attack your system.

Virus Infection Map

The Panda Security Virus Infection Map gives live graphic coverage of the the percentage of computers infected by viruses. Together with the Panda Virusometer it is an essential part of the Global Virus Observatory.


The glossary is a dictionary of technical terms covering computer viruses and antivirus programs. It will help users understand how viruses work, their characteristics, they techniques they use to infect computers and transmit themselves.


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